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Would You Live in a Barndominium?

Barndominiums are popular alternatives to traditional homes

A barndominium, as its name suggests, is a mashup of a traditional barn structure and a condominium. The result is a modern living space that features several aesthetic characteristics of a traditional barn.

What’s the Big Deal with Barndominiums?

Interior design of barndominiumMany have labeled barndominiums the house of the future, and they’ve received widespread attention after being featured on the popular Fixer Upper television show. But what’s all the fuss about? Let’s take a look at a few reasons barndominiums have created such a buzz.

  • Aesthetic Charm: A perfectly executed barndominium design offers more than the sum of its parts – projecting personal taste while providing a reliable home. A quick search of barndominiums reveals plenty of beautiful adaptations of the barndominium. These buildings carry loads of creative potential for adventurous homeowners.
  • Affordable Path to Home Ownership: Barndominium structures are often more affordable than traditional building materials due to the prefabrication process. A barndominium kit arrives on site ready to be erected, providing up to 50 percent in time and cost savings when compared to traditional construction methods.
  • Energy Efficiency: Barndominiums have the potential to lower your energy costs. Most heating and cooling loss comes through the roof of your home. Roof coatings can conserve energy depending on your home climate. Prefabricated buildings also are better equipped for proper sealing of windows and doors.
  • Versatility: One of the biggest reasons barndominiums have become so popular is their versatility. Some barndominiums keep their agricultural functions intact while adding a smaller living space, while others keep no traditional aspects of a barn other than aesthetic considerations. Other uses for a barndominium include personal workshops, garages, office space, and more.

Where Are They Popular?

Barndominium popularity

The overwhelming majority of barndominiums are built in Texas, but the efficient living spaces are catching on throughout the country. After Texas, southern states Oklahoma, Louisiana, Mississippi, Kentucky, Alabama, and Arkansas all show a similar interest in barndominiums. This is likely due to the rural settings and tastes in these areas, where agriculture operations have long been intertwined with daily life.

Metal Home Comparison

Barndominium floor plan

Barndominiums are similar to metal buildings and homes in that many of them take advantage of the prefabrication process. Both provide cost savings and a more efficient mode of construction. Barndominiums could be considered a subsection of metal homes with the primary difference being the traditional exterior design that is not included on all metal homes.

A base building kit from General Steel provides the blank canvas for both barndominiums and homes. You can then choose from a variety of components, including doors, windows, and exterior color schemes to make your building your own.

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