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#AprilFools – World’s Largest Theme Park Coming to Castle Rock


Someone just inked a $1.5 Billion deal that will bring the World’s largest theme park to Castle Rock, Colorado.

According to our research, the park is expected to be completed by late 2019 and will be located at Plum Creek at I-25. The project is expected to cost over $1 Billion and will bring over 18,000 jobs to Castle Rock.

Rendering of the proposed 800′ tall Farris Wheel.

“We couldn’t be more thrilled to bring our amusement concept to Castle Rock. We’re confident that with our capital investment, Castle Rock will continue to thrive from every angle. The park will add 18,000 jobs — and likely tens of thousands of new residents —  along with millions of new tourist to Castle Rock by 2020,” said John Haggerton, Principal of Bigger Greener Solutions Investment Advisor Partners Corporation of Los Angeles.

The project will consumer 250 acres. To put that into perspective, Disneyland is 85 acres making the new park, by far the largest in America.

Rendering of the 500 room, 22 story 5-star hotel.

Additional park amenities include a 500 room 5-star hotel, a 100,000 sq/ft indoor/outdoor waterpark, over 150,000 sq/ft of themed retail space, and 13 roundabouts from Plum Creek & Perry to the park’s entrance at Plum Creek & I25.

Proposed Roundabout at I-25 @ Plum Creek Parkway.

Sam Montejo of the Urban Renewal Prosperity Partners Discussion Agency advised 303News that Bigger Greener Solutions Investment Advisor Partners Corp. will relocate 100% of the wildlife to ‘wildlife’ type 2-acre prairie dog sanctuary that will be located on the grounds of the new park.

“Residents of Castle Rock can expect a small increase in traffic. The new theme park is expected to attract another 100,000 residents to Castle Rock by 2020 while bringing in over 20.5 million new visitors to Castle Rock, each year after the project has been completed.

Bigger Greener Solutions Investment Advisor Partners Corp. has submitted a second bid to purchase Castle Rock’s famous ‘Rock Park’ where they would likely connect a scenic tram from the park to the rock.

“We’d like Castle Rock’s input on naming this new park,” said Haggerton. We’re also considering offering naming rights to a business who is willing to invest a minimum of $25M/year which will cover maintenance cost and marketing to a global audience.

Visitors to the new theme park will be able to easily find it by the welcoming, 1,700,000 watt’ 300′ LED screen that will be located on the northwest corner of I-25 & Plum Creek.

The project is expected to have little resistance as Castle Rock residents have been very vocal about boosting the local economy through aggressive, economic development and growth.

Learn more, bettergreeneradvisorscorppartners.us.com


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