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What Age Should You Put Kids in Daycare?

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It’s been several months and though you love your new child, you’re ready to get back to work. Every year, thousands of new parents make the call to put their children in daycare to get them the direct care and nurturing they need. This is where many parents face a dilemma – when is your kid ready for daycare? Let’s turn to the experts and address the appropriate age for daycare.

So, What Age Should You Put Kids in Daycare?

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What Child Experts Think

Most child development experts agree one year is a great time to start daycare. At one-year-old your child is ready to start interacting with their environment and ready to build important social tools. Most children have moved past their attachment stage around 9 months and are ready for the daycare environment.

Infant Care

Not everyone can wait until one year to put their children in daycare and that’s OK. There are several daycare programs and schools designed for infant care, or for care of children under the age of one. The child may have separation anxiety but if the daycare has a great reputation and low caregiver to child ratio – your infant can thrive in a daycare environment.

Toddler Care

If you haven’t moved your children to daycare by eighteen months – they’re ready. Around 18 months is when children become very curious about the world around them and begins interacting with other children. A daycare with structured lessons is a great way to take advantage of this time of curiosity and set your children up for a lifelong love of learning.


Even if you’re child is past their toddler stage its still a great time to get them into daycare. Daycare for preschool and pre-K is advantageous for growing minds and curiosity. Pre-K and preschool devote time to play but most daycares with preschool programs also teach children basic concepts like reading and writing, problem solving, learning how to solve social problems, and more. A reputable daycare could be exactly what your child needs to sculpt their social skills and intelligence for school.

What age should you put your kids in daycare? That depends on many factors. Most experts agree that a child is ready for daycare at age 1 but daycares take care of infants too. Every parent should consider daycare for its benefits for the toddler and preschool mind. To find out if a daycare is right for you and your child, set up an interview with Castle Rock daycare personnel.

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