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Voice Search: The Future of Searching Online


Products like Amazon’s Alexa/Echo, or Google Home are exploding in popularity. Getting access to information even quicker, and more convenient than ever. This is one of the reasons why industry analyst expect that voice search may surpass traditional search engines when it comes to getting access to information, products and services.

How do you get included as a result in Alexa and Google Home?

Like traditional search engines, Alexa and Google Home use internal algorithms to search and present the best result based on the users voice command.

Not long ago, structured data was introduced. Google Search works hard to understand the content of you page. Structured Data offers ‘explicit clues’ to Google and allows for content classification. Structured Data is used by Google to better understand the content of a page and recent studies conclude that 80% of Google Home results come from snippets which are typically derived from Structured Data.

While it will take some time for voice search to catch up with traditional search engine usage, today is the perfect time to optimize your website for voice.

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