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The Sharpest Rides Review


The Sharpest Rides is a used car dealership located on the off & beaten path of Evans and Raritan St in Englewood, CO.

The neighborhood is industrious, and the street leading to The Sharpest Rides is pretty busy with traffic going to the neighboring warehouses.

It was several years ago since I first visited The Sharpest Rides. As you approach the dealership there’s a small, but open parking lot on the west side of the road that lines the dealership. As you jump out of your car you’ll be greeted by friendly faces ready to help. While most car dealership initial greetings can be overwhelming, The Sharpest Rides was quite the opposite.

The first car I purchased was from Lanny. It was a 2006 Volvo S60R. Lanny was a character, very helpful and funny. We drove the S60R for a lengthy test drive. I checked out the mechanics (I have someone of a mechanical background) and decided to make the purchase. At the time, I wasn’t a cash buyer so I went in, filled out the application and got the process started.


It’s been a few years but I remember the financing of my soon-to-be S60R was really smooth. My credit at the time was okay, so I was a little bit concerned I could be turned down. To my surprise, I wasn’t and I had a ton of great financing offers from local banks.

Overall Experience, Quality & Value:

The overall experience was great. The staff was friendly and really knew how to create a great car buying experience. The quality of the car was good. It was about what I would expect for the condition of the car I purchased. The value was also great. I got a good deal and a reliable car that lasted until my next purchase (which was also through them).

Ready to give them a try? Check out www.thesharpestrides.com.