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New Castle Rock Based Business Aims to Reduce Stress and Costs for Business Owners    


Smallbusinessboostr.com recently launched with one goal in mind: reducing the stress and costs of running a small business.

Small Business Boostr was founded by Caleb McNary, a recent transplant to Castle Rock from Wichita, KS. “I’ve owned, worked in and consulted to small businesses for over a decade and through my experience, I found a recurring theme. Business owners are focused on improving their products and services, which is the most important thing they can do, but finding employees with the skills to execute all of the back office functions, or a partner to outsource that work too is extremely challenging. I understand what it’s like to evaluate payment processing providers, or shopping for phone and internet services and not have the first idea what they are talking about. Finding good partners isn’t easy, it takes a lot of time, effort and most importantly, trust.”

While researching providers of different kinds of services, McNary was frustrated by the lack of direction provided by reviewing agencies and the amount of time it took to investigate all of the options. “Like anyone, when I’m looking at business services, I Google it. The results are mostly ‘Top 10’ lists, with a small paragraph explaining the service. Those lists can be helpful in identifying the different players, but it still falls back on you to do more digging, usually getting multiple quotes which are basically signing up to be hassled by several sales reps for eternity. I frequently wish someone who would say ‘I used this company and it was great.’ That’s what I’m shooting for with this website, kind of like a trusted friend making a recommendation for a certain type of service, and then explain why.”

Visitors to smallbusinessboostr.com will find just that, recommendations for services that can remove the hassle from a business owner. The website features partners for payment processing services, phone and internet services, and website and search engine optimization services. “I take my partnerships seriously, I investigate the service offerings, review their customer service acumen, and follow up with each of my partners monthly to make sure customers I send their way are getting the best possible experience. One of the most important things is making sure that there is a dedicated account team ready to provide their services. When you find a company on the internet or call their sales department, who knows who you’ll be speaking to, or if they’ll be involved in the whole process. One of the partnership requirements is that there is an actual person that you connect to personally to guide you through the process and will be there for support on an ongoing basis. Being able to facilitate a personal connection is a huge trust builder for my visitors.

The work is not done, however. In the coming months, McNary will grow the number and types of partners and offer special services to website visitors. “There is definitely room to grow in terms of the partnerships. There are a couple of business functions that I am currently investigating and will bring those partners on soon. I’m also planning special value-added services like webinars and special events that visitors can take advantage of to learn more about the services my partners offer and keep up to date on industry trends.”

If you are a business owner searching for trusted partners to ease the stress of running your business, go to smallbusinessboostr.com. There you will find all of the service offerings of the partner community and can connect to them easily.