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How Often Should You Remodel Your Kitchen?

Kitchen remodel

A big reason you bought your new home is because the kitchen was recently remodeled. Six months living at your new home and you quickly realized the remodeled kitchen was not remodeled to your tastes at all. You want to remodel the kitchen even though it was just remodeled – how exactly do you know when you should be remodeling a kitchen?

So, How Often Should You Remodel Your Kitchen?

Kitchen remodeling

When Your Style Changes

Kitchens fall victim to trendy decorating and fads often and that means a kitchen can become ugly and outdated quickly. The kitchen is one of the most frequently remodeled rooms to get past these dated fixtures and features and into the modern age. If your countertops are sherbet orange, if an 80’s linoleum tile runs the length of the kitchen, or the cabinets are a kitschy design, it’s time to remodel the kitchen. A kitchen is the foundation of your home and you want it to tie into the rest of the design elements throughout your house.

When the Family Grows

When you and your spouse buy a home together you might pick out a home with a kitchen that works well for the two of you but that perfect kitchen can become not so perfect as the family grows. Many remodel their kitchen when they need more room for a growing family. You can knock out walls, add additions like breakfast nooks, or reformat your current layout in a more functional design with the same square footage. A kitchen remodel allows you to reformat your kitchen to suit the needs of your entire family and can turn into the gathering place you want your kitchen to be.

When Your Kitchen Quits Working For You

A kitchen is supposed to work with you not against you. When your kitchen starts driving you nuts with its layout, or appliances, or its shallow cabinets, it is not a happy kitchen anymore. You might remodel a kitchen even when the layout is open or the cabinets are updated because it’s not a kitchen that’s built for you. Remodeling helps put everything exactly where you want for a customized room that’s built for you.

How often you should remodel your kitchen is ultimately a personal decision but there are hints. If the kitchen doesn’t fit your style, family-size, or doesn’t work for you, it’s time to remodel. Start any kitchen remodels with an open mind and try touring a Castle Rock kitchen showroom get your remodel started the right way.

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