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Welcome to 303 News – Digital Services!

With over 10 billion Google searches per day, getting found online is critical if you plan on competing in a major markets like Denver.

It doesn’t matter if you own a plumbing company, a law firm or a restaurant – you need to be found online. At 303 News – Digital Services, we’re thrilled to now offer some pretty flexible search engine optimization plans designed to grow with you.

First, what is SEO?

SEO stands for search engine optimization. Our SEO process includes making sure all the ‘right signals’ are in place to help Google better understand your website, and it’s content. Additionally, it’s about building your authority or reputation within your industry. We accomplish this by connecting you with ‘great, relavent’ websites through links. Google looks at links to determine how reputable a website is. Kinda how others judge you by the people you hang out with, Google judges your website based on who your linked with.

Next, how do we work?

Each business and website is unique. You probably have different goals from your competition. Your website defiantly has a unique history. Maybe your site is new and you’ve never touched SEO, or perhaps you’ve tested out dozens of SEO providers and haven’t found success. Whatever it is, each website has a unique footprint and unique history, all things to consider when planning out an SEO campaign.

STEP 1: Get a free SEO Audit

The first step to determining the best SEO approach is by contacting us for a free SEO analysis. We’ll take a deep dive into your website, ask you a few quick questions about your experience with SEO or SEOs and take a look at under the hood. Once the audit is complete, we’ll email you a nice PDF that talks about some opportunities and discuss pricing options.

STEP 2: Signing up

Signing up with 303 News – Digital Services is fast, and easy. We like to do business like the ‘good ol’ days.’ We’ll get you a month-to-month agreement that simply outlines what we’re going to do on your website, and what you can expect. Once that’s eSigned we’ll schedule your first welcome & discovery call.

STEP 3: Welcome & Discover Call

We like to use the welcome & discovery call to get to know you. We want to know what makes you ‘tick,’ what your goals are, and what you expect from us. Once we get to know you a little more, we’ll demo our reporting system and show you around. We’ll find out how much, or how little you want to be contacted, set goals, timelines etc.

STEP 4: SEO Campaign Launch

This is where things get fun. 80% of the websites we work on experience a significant increase in search engine rankings within the first week or so that we’re working on your account. During the 1st 30 days of the campaign we’ll button up things like site speed issues, keyword integration, crawling issues, and any other technical issues we uncover during the audit period.

STEP 5: On-Going SEO Maintenance

Now that the on-page SEO has been completed you’ll have already seen a HUGE increase in search engine rankings. It will take a few weeks to stabilize but by then we’ll have already kicked off our off-page SEO strategy. Typically, we spend about half of the budget on research. This includes checking out competitors strategies, and researching link opportunities. Once we have enough targets, we’ll kick off the outreach process. This is where we get powerful, authoritative links that will take your already improved rankings to the next level.


At 303 News – Digital Services we want to make sure you’re 100% comfortable with what we’re doing, and understand why we’re doing it. Here are a few things we’re committed to do for you.

  • Weekly Progress Reports
  • Bi-Monthly Phone Reporting Calls
  • Detailed Time Tracking Reports

Each client is a little bit different. Some don’t want to be contacted as much, some want to be contacted all the time. Whatever your flavor is, we’ll do our best to make sure we’re touching base with you as much, or as little as you need.

How much does SEO cost?

We left the best for last. Small markets, like Castle Rock can expect average monthly retainers to run around $400-$750/mo (depending on competition). Larger markets like Denver can expect retainers to run from $750 – $3,000/mo +. The cost variation is dependent on how competitive your market is.

For an example; plumbers, real estate agents & lawyers are a bit more pricey because they are hyper-competitive industries.

Ready to get started? Call Sean today at 720.519.0744 to schedule your friendly free consultation. Or, fill out the form below: