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7 Tips to Help Your Basement Cleanout Project

Cleaning out your basement

Don’t feel too bad; most houses are guilty out of it. Most homeowners tend to have a room, sometimes two, that have been designated as junk rooms. In most houses, these rooms include the attic, the garage, and the worst offender of them all – the basement.

Tips to Help Your Basement Cleanout Project

Basement cleaned out

Cleaning out your basement is a big undertaking, but a few tips from junk removal pros could be exactly what you need to get things started. Let’s read up on tips to make sure your basement cleanout easier.

Start with the Four-Box Method

The four-box method is an excellent way to tackle any cleanout, including giant basement projects. The four-box method is a box, or receptacle for Keep, Relocate, Donate, and Trash. This is an easy way to quickly categorize and deal with items of all sorts.

Start Small

Don’t try taking on the entire basement at once. Work in small areas. Trying to address the entire basement at once can leave you overwhelmed and swimming in junk. Start with one area and clean and organize that area until you’re finished before moving on.

Give Yourself Enough Time

Do you think your garage cleanout will take a couple of hours? Then it will probably take a half-day. You think it will take a half-day? You’re probably looking at all day. Set aside time for your garage cleanup so you can get everything done at once or at least over a couple of time periods. Not scheduling time to clean out areas will drag the project on and create more issues.

The “Purge”

Get rid of as many things as you can but donate items that can have a second life out of your home. It can be difficult to get rid of some items but if you haven’t used the item for over two years – it’s probably junk.

Color Coordinate

Colors are a great way to coordinate your cleanup. Label boxes with different colors, use different colored tabs to catalog documents and otherwise use color to your advantage.

Divide and Conquer

You can use dividers and other organizational elements to further organize. If you have a shelf full of scattered documents, you can use dividers to sort the documents. Extra shelves and dividers take advantage of space you already have and make it more useful.

Don’t Put Good Space to Waste

Use the cleanout to find wasted space. Once the area is clean, you can figure out how to eliminate wasted space to bring your basement back from storage hell.

A basement cleanout is a big undertaking, but you can get through it with these tips. When all else fails, you can call a local organizer or junk removal company to get your clean up started and your home’s junk out of its basement prison. Now you have a clean basement that you can use for the first time in months or years.

Special thanks to 5280 Waste and their Denver dumpster rental experts for this expert advice.

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