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3 Tips for Fishing No Matter Your Skill Level


Humans have been doing it for centuries for both fun and survival making fishing an ancient hobby that has no signs of slowing down. If you’re ready to experience the fun of angling you’re ready to hit the water but read over these tips first to have a great fishing experience.

3 Tips for Anyone Fishing

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It’s Called Fishing, Not Catching

If patience is a virtue than anglers are some of the most saintly people on earth. As everyone’s dad used to say, “It’s called fishing, not catching,” and this mantra still rings true. You could have perfect conditions, be fishing with excellent equipment, be familiar with the area, and still not catch anything. The purpose of fishing isn’t always reeling in a lunker, it’s about spending quality time outdoors doing something you love – though catching fish definitely helps for a good time.

Know Your Equipment

Fishing equipment can be ready-made for a six-year old but most modern angling equipment is technically advanced and built to catch the most fish. As an angler, you must know your equipment to find success. This means know your boat, your GPS, your fish-finder, rod, reel, and tackle. Familiarity with your equipment means you know what to use and when. Not knowing your equipment will have you screwing around with switches and gears – not fishing.

Know the Area

If you’re fishing in a completely new area, it helps to know the lay of the land and what you should be doing. If you’re casting random lures into random spots and hoping for the best – there’s a good chance you won’t be reeling in much of anything. Get to know any unfamiliar areas before you go fishing for your best shot at success. You can try visiting local angling shops, checking local newspapers for fishing forecasts, and visiting online fishing resources to see what type of luck others have had in the area and how they did it. The more familiar you are with conditions, hot spots, and proper tackle, the more likely you are to reel in a trophy catch. Using local guide service is a great way to fish an unfamiliar area.

There are an unlimited number of fishing tips out there, but some are more critical than others. For a great time fishing have patience, know what you’re fishing with and for, and get to know where you’re fishing. You may not catch a state record with these tips but you’re much more likely to get a bite. Have fun out there.

Special thanks to Wyoming Anglers, the Grey Reef fishing experts for their sage fishing advice.

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