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3 Tips for Buying a Ring

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A ring is one of the most popular pieces of jewelry both as wedding jewelry and as a gift. If you’re purchasing a ring for yourself or someone else you need to know some basic tips to help the purchase go smoothly. Let’s review three quick tips on making the smartest ring purchase.

Tips for Buying a Ring


Get an Overview of Styles and Choices

If you’re buying the ring for yourself you know what you want, but if you’re buying the ring for another you need to know their tastes before purchasing. Buying an engagement ring that’s not in a person’s tastes can create some awkward situations so get them what they love. Ask the gifted about stones, styles, and colors. Once you have an overview of their wants you can take that overview onto the next tip.

Finish Any Purchases at a Retail Store

Browsing rings online is the best way to get a quick overview of styles and stones but all jewelry purchases should be finished at a brick and mortar store. An online gallery only tells one part of the ring’s story and may not appear the same in person. A retail jewelry store is also staffed by jewelry experts who can make recommendations based on colors, styles, stones, and more. Lastly, a brick and mortar store can help you with the next, important step in the ring-buying process.

Don’t Mess Up the Sizing

A bracelet that’s a little too large may be annoying but tolerable and a necklace that’s too tight can be quickly adjusted. Neither of these is the case for rings. A ring must be an exact fit or it will fly off the wearer’s finger or cut off their circulation. You should have any ring fingers sized shortly before purchasing. Having the ring finger sized at two different outlets is an even better idea. Be 100% confident on ring size before purchasing to avoid returning or resizing.

Buying jewelry and engagement rings in Denver is a process, and buying a ring can be even tougher – so use these tips. Get a good idea of what the gifted likes, finish any purchases at a retail store so you can see and feel the ring, and remember the importance of sizing. With these three tips you’re much more likely to pick out the ring of someone’s dreams than if you go it alone.