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3 of the Best Places to Go Fly Fishing


It may have started when your Dad took you for the first time, it may have started when you moved to a new area, heck, it may have started with watching “A River Runs Through It.” No matter how it happened, once you get bitten by the fly fishing bug, it’s hard to go back. If you’ve got the bug, we’ve got the places that can help relieve it. Let’s preview three of the best places to go fly fishing in the US.

Three of the Best Places to Go Fly Fishing

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‘Blue Ribbon’ Trout Waters

When most people imagine the classic picture of fly-fishing they imagine fly-fishing like the kind found in Blue Ribbon rivers and streams of the upper Rocky Mountain region. Trout fishing the Blue Ribbon waters of Colorado, Montana, Wyoming, and the surrounding area has been popular for years due to the great fishing, the beautiful fish, and gorgeous surrounding environment. There’s nothing like netting a beautiful Rainbow Trout while snowy peaks look down on you.

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Florida Keys

Not all fly fishing takes place in freshwater rivers. Trout fishing has its draw but if you’re miles away from the Rocky Mountains, the Florida Keys and surrounding waters are known for excellent saltwater fly fishing. Most anglers fish what are known as the saltwater flats which, depending on the time of year, may be filled with tarpon, bonefish, redfish, and permit. Fishing off the Keys is visual, exciting, practiced with heavier gear, and the fish put up great fights. This makes the Keys a perfect destination to test a different set of fly fishing skills.


If you want full action and big catches than Alaska is the place to be. Alaska is known for fly fishing salmon of all different varieties throughout the salmon run season. Popular spots for angling Alaska include the Inside Passage and Southwestern Alaska, depending on the time of year and what type of salmon you’re going after. Most guided trips will cut the salmon for you or prepare it themselves for a delicious fresh and hearty salmon dinner.

The United States is full of great places to fly fish and not all of them made our list but these three stand out. For classic fly-fishing try Blue Ribbon Waters of the Rocky Mountain, for saltwater action aim for the Florida Keys, and for big-time and exciting salmon action Alaska is your ticket. Book a guide for any unfamiliar waters and get to fishing.

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